Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are Cloud & Bridge. Get to know us better.

We Love Your Curiosity

Let's be honest, you are probably wondering,

Why Cloud & Bridge?

God is often pictured as a Cloud: mysterious, uncontainable, and experiential.

Community can be understood as a Bridge: tangible, supportive, life-connecting.

In the sacred poetry & stories of the Bible, we see how God wants to unite realities we like to separate: the spiritual and physical, science and faith, life with God and others. Ultimately Jesus, God made Human, is the one who ties these together. He is the AND where the Cloud & Bridge meet. Through him, we can experience God & build community together.

And this makes a difference for us...

As a church community, we believe when these two realities meet in our lives and world things happen. For example...

Jesus reveals to us that we don't have to be right to be loved. God pursues, loves, and accepts us as we are, not as we could be, or even should be—messiness and all.

Jesus also shows us that others don't have to be right to be loved. God empowers us to unconditionally pursue, love, and accept others, especially if they are not like us or don't like us.

In a divided world, we believe Jesus is God's healing path to harmony with God and unity with others.

So what does this mean for you?

Only you can really answer that, but here are two suggestions for finding that answer:

If you like details you can find them below, but we invite you to join us Sundays at 9 AM. We know even the word "church" can be intimidating, let alone attending a service. We treasure feedback from people of various faith and life experiences. Something we consistently hear is that our services are inspiring and accessible, and people feel zero pressure to be anyone other than who they already are.

Or, if gatherings are not your best first step (it's okay to be hesitant), then you can just leave us a message. We would love to chat over email, a phone call, or coffee. We are here for you.