The Lenten Experience

A forty-day Lenten experience that will prepare your heart for the more abundant life of Christ.

Lent is a forty-day season which the global Church has celebrated for centuries. The name was inherited from the Old-English word used for the spring season. For much of human history, spring has been a time of preparation. Farmers begin preparing their fields by tilling their soil and planting seeds of new life. In the same way, people have seen this time as an opportunity to slowly and patiently prepare their hearts to become more aware of God’s presence and the full life available to them through following Jesus.

This Lent, we will prepare our hearts by focusing on the Seven Deadly Sins. These were originally compiled as a list of common spiritual sicknesses by 4th-century monastic communities founded in the Egyptian desert. Over time, they have captured the imagination in many ways whether it has been through medieval poetry or modern entertainment.

Every Friday, we will have an installment of the Seven Deadly Sin devotional to use during the following week available to you on this website. Before you begin this devotional please read the introduction to find out more about how to best use it. Thank you and pray that God would work mightily in your life during this season.

Pastoral Advice: These questions and activities are meant to be beneficial and healing for your soul. If you are currently in a season where mental health is a struggle, it's possible that this devotional could be a burden for you. Please be encouraged to engage it at a later time when you are in a better place. We desire your spiritual health and not harm. If are hurting please reach out to us or contact our counseling agency Formation Counseling Services.