What to Expect

Our Style, Culture, and Beliefs.

What can you expect?

The Service

We take ancient traditions of the Christian faith, update them, and make them as accessible as we can.  For people who have grown up in church, it will feel both nostalgic and fresh.  For those experiencing church for the first-time, they appreciate how we explain and guide things so they don't feel lost or awkward.  In fact, people of every ilk say they learn something and come away with more meaning.


We call our approach modern liturgy.  This means you will find modern music (with hymns thrown in) with ancient meaning.  We value short times of silence followed by poetic prayers.  We have Biblical teaching with cultural sensibility. We practice weekly communion (bread + juice in the presence of God and others) but do it with casual dress and attitudes.

The Culture

We are constantly nurturing a "Bridge Culture".  We believe that God's uncommon love should produce a diverse and multicultural community.  We both value, and are sensitive to, differences in perspectives, political views, gender understandings, and racial experiences.  We believe that these differences can thrive in the church because of God's truth in Christ, not despite it.


Practically speaking, we are casual, non-dogmatic, friendly, sincere, wonder-seekers, and transparent about God's love for us all.

The Belief

We believe that the God-inspired poetry, stories, and wisdom reveals the beauty of Jesus Christ and provides the deepest meaning for our lives.  We value both the plurality of voices and the unity of belief represented in historic Christianity, as seen in the Apostolic and Nicene Creeds.  We enjoy conversation with the diverse traditions of the faith.  

Our theological home and community, though, is Cumberland Presbyterian. In fact we are ministry of Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church. You can explore more about our beliefs here.